Ms Zahra Mirabdollahi Khalaji, is a ICCRC-CRCIC member in good standing with the membership number (R515348) .She is the President of the  NEW CHAPTER Canadian immigration group. New Chapter Canadian immigration group is a Global Immigration firm based in Vancouver Canada . We serve Clients internationally  with different types of immigration programs .New Chapter works with the best immigration lawyers Globally to make sure you have the highest chance of success.  Our focus is on assisting Clients how to immigrate to Canada , the U.S., Spain Golden Visa investment program, St. Kitts and Nevis quick passport and other Caribbean countries.

We have a proven track record in assisting Clients worldwide how to immigrate to Canada through a variety of different programs including the skilled worker program , investment program and family and spousal sponsorship program. We also assist with temporary visas including tourist visa, work permit and Study permit .In addition we assist people find employment if necessary to meet any program requirement .Our goal is to exceed your expectations  and to make your transition in moving to Canada as easy and as smooth as possible. Whether it means reuniting with your loved ones , friends, business associates or simply starting a whole new Chapter of your life  in Canada, the U.S or other countries quickly. We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent you in all Canadian Immigration matters. Call us to arrange for a  free confidential consultation either in our office, by phone or Skype.

Each immigration Client case is different and many factors are taken into account. We will utilize  our expertise and resources to recommend to you the easiest and quickest way to immigrate to Canada, U.S or any other country . Canadian and American Immigration laws in particular are very complex. Allow us to guide you through this process.

We invite you to fill out our simple assessment form .If you are eligible  for any one of the many  immigration programs available we will contact you immediately . Our Immigration consulting lawyers will  review  your Canadian and US immigration needs and options and discuss next step with you most trust worthy Immigration lawyers all over the world.

Easiest Way To Immigrate

We will do  a brief assessment and a detailed consultation of your immigration needs, to determine if you qualify.

Come for a brief assessment of your qualifications, or book a free detailed consultation to review your background and documents in detail. This is done in our offices, or by phone or Skype based on your convenience .

We offer a free one hour consultation, and will review your qualifications and answer to all your questions with honestly.

During this complimentary assessment, we will ask you for specific information to see if you qualify under the category that you have in mind. we will also tell you if you are better qualified under another type of application that you may not be aware. We always make sure you apply through the best and most suitable immigration programs. This assessment can usually be done in about an hour, and requires that you bring with you some documents such as your resume and other papers that may be relevant to your questions. For our clients away from the office, we will direct you in an email on the information we require (usually a CV. resume and an assessment form from this website). If there are things that you can do to qualify in the future, we will advise you in detail what your options are within the assessment time.

At the end of this session, you will have a clear idea of your eligibility, and the next steps you need to take.

Submit your FREE Assessment Questionnaire to find out if you qualify to apply for permanent residency or temporary visa to Canada or the US . one of our consultants will contact you about your immigration assessment results in less than 48 hours to help you find the best and the quickest way for you to immigrate to Canada or the US.

Address: 3201-1077 West Cordova St,
(Shaw Tower), BC V6C 2C6
Canada direct phone number: 001-77 88 47 48 25 & 001-778 956 7070

direct number from Iran: 021-88521111 & 021- 9711874 pin code (4825)
Tehran: 021 221 19055
Tehran2: 021 221 19088

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