E-2 investor visa

This visa is a type of investment visa that permits a foreign nationals to enter and work in the United State based on an investment in a business that  they will be managing, whitin 2 years they are in the United States. The validity of this visa is 2 years and must be renewed every two years, this investor visa can be renewed for as many time as applicants wish. As it mentioned by USCIS , investment through E-2 program must be substantial. substantial Investment is different in different States. E-2 investor visas are allocated only to certain countries.E-2 investors have the opportunity to bring their key staff with them to the United State to run the business as long as their key employees are from the same country as they and their skill is essential to properly run the business.

When an applicant start a business from scratch he or she should have enough funds to start and run the business till it is successful. The size of investment depends on the size of business, the State that business is located and  type of business .It is all determined by USCIS if the amount of investment is substantial or applicant needs to invest more in that business.

E-2 visa is a temporary visa and if the applicant doesn’t meet all the requirements to show he or she may leave the U.S .

E2 Visa Process USA

E-2 investor visa
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