F-1(student visa)

Student visa (F-1) Visa is a type of non-immigrant visa .You can obtain a Student visa if you intend to study in a language course or register in an academic course full time .you may not apply for study permit from inside the United State and it has to be processed and granted by U.S embassies and consulate determined to process cases of your country of your nationality .The first step for you to obtain F-1 visa is to apply to school and obtain a form I-20 when you have your admission from school ,you can apply for  F-1( student visa). one of the requirement to obtain  F-1 students visa is to demonstrate that you have enough funds available in the bank to support yourself during your course of study.F-1 student visas may not work full time while they are studying so government needs to know you will not be a burden or attempt to work illegally to pay for your expenses. While you obtained your F-1 student visa your family (spouse and kids under age 21) will be granted F-2 Student visa. While you are on an F-1 student visa your minor kids are able to study in public school. The immigration rules and regulations says that a F-2 visa holder may not work for money or any other type of compensation .If you are a Canadians and Mexicans citizen you may apply for F-3 visa to be able to attend academic institutions in United States


F1 Study Visa to USA | Study Permit for USA

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