New Chapter offers the best Immigration services to its Clients all over the world who wish to live in Canada. We are one of the most reputable Canadian Immigration Consulting firms based in Vancouver, Canada.

Our experienced immigration consultants understand their work has a tremendous impact on the lives of Immigration applicants who desire to live in Canada.

New Chapter Immigration group Services

  • Initial Immigration Consultation
  • A summary of the eligible categories for which you may qualify
  • Preparation of your Immigration application
  • Write a business plan and narrative for Business Immigration programs
  • Help you buy a house or apartment in Canada
  • Help you to buy a business or start a business in Canada 
  • Settlement services to live in Canada


Initial Immigration Consultation:

In New Chapter Immigration Group we offer you a free , brief assessment and a 30 min detailed consultation of your Canada immigration Program, to determine if you qualify.

Please submit your FREE Assessment Questionnaire to find out if you qualify to apply for permanent residency or temporary visa to Canada. One of our consultants will contact you about your immigration assessment results in less than 48 hours . We will help you find the best and the quickest way to immigrate to Canada. We always make sure you apply through the best and most suitable immigration programs.

For our clients away from the office, we will direct you in an email on the information we require (usually a CV. resume and an assessment form from this website) and you can provide scanned documents.

Preparation of your Immigration Application

After we assess your eligibility for our services, we will

-Determine the suitable immigration category for you

-Provide you with a list of documents required for the application process and carefully review your documents to ensure they are accurately completed.

-Assist in the preparation and submission of your immigration application to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office

-Deposit required fees on your behalf to Immigration Canada (Application Fee & Landing Fee)

-Track your application and communicate with Case Processing Centres and Visa Offices

-Inform and update you on the progress of your application

-Prepare you for your personal interview

-Guide you on your medical procedure

-Instruct you on the steps for getting Canadian Visa

Live in Canada after your successful Immigration to Canada:

  • We will meet you at the airport
  • assist you to find housing after arrival
  • assist you in applying for your Social Insurance Number (SIN Number)
  • assist you in applying for your Health Card
  • Assist you in opening a bank account
  • Assist you in applying for the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) if applicable
  • Help you to sign up for free English and French classes
  • Provide guidance on how to get your driving license
  • Assist you on purchase or rental of your first property in Canada
  • Introduce you to the relevant employment agencies
  • Assist with resume preparation
  • Assistance where eligible in applying for Canadian citizenship and passport
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